LigthSpeed Gemini Internet Lab (LGiLab) is a joint venture between Lightspeed Venture Partners and Gemini Israel dedicated to seed investment in very early stage internet israeli start-up. This is our blog.
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What we do
Operating since May06, The LightSpeed Gemini Internet Lab is dedicated to funding companies that are at the earliest stages, supporting market validation studies and prototype development for Internet technologies. Our goal is to quickly seed good ideas so the entrepreneurs can get their companies off the ground.

Our philosophy
After the boom and bust of the first Internet bubble, innovative Internet related companies are once again emerging, this time with clear business models and much broader markets. New web companies serve a market of hundreds of millions of people whose primary means of information, communication, research and shopping is the Internet. In addition, Israel is considered one of the high-tech hot spots in the world and has an entrepreneurial culture. Although the USA and China have been leaders in terms of Web initiatives, Israel has the potential of producing world class internet players.
Gemini and LightSpeed, two respected and leading Venture Capital funds, have decided to create a dedicated structure to invest in this emerging industry.

What are we interested in?
We search for companies with Israeli operations, at their earliest stages (or pre-A Round in “VC-speak”) are the target for Lab investments. Specific areas of interest include shopping, social networking, search technology, vertical applications, content production and distribution. We have a broad definition of the internet that we consider as a network. Therefore we are also interested in mobile and new television initiatives.

Our Process
We fund companies and bring seed investment up to 1 million dollars. Our process enables us to make swift decisions. Since at early stage, especially in the internet industry where benchmarks are still rare, there is no special reason for leading heavy due diligence we focus mainly in understanding the potential of an idea and the ability of the founding team to bring it to successful execution.
Investment decision is taken commonly by the internet lab team member (link to Our team). After a first meeting you will rapidly meet our team and we will evaluate together the opportunity for investment.
During the seed period, we will work with the founding team and help achieving successful milestones. Although we are not an incubator, we will be able to provide numerous resources for networking, strategic partnerships, marketing strategy and recruitment.


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